Handcrafted pastries with fun, unique (and sometimes boozy*) flavor combinations!

Our Story

The creation of Eliza's Oven is actually a bit of a love story.

There have always been two things that I loved having as part of my life: baking delicious treats and drinking excellent beer, wine and spirits. And when you love two things the natural tendency is to want them to love each other as well...

So one day, on a whim, I decided to introduce baking to booze in hopes that they would get along. And as it happens sometimes, to lucky matchmakers the world over, the result was far better than I could have dreamed! Their first date, which took place in my oven, resulted in a beautiful blend of flavors and spices, sugar and hop. It was a match made in heaven. A few more dates and it was as if they had never been apart!

Those first few dates have blossomed into a wonderful marriage, complete with large family that is growing larger every day! With more locally produced beverages entering into the family at every turn — from coffee, tea and whiskey to beer, wine and other spirits, and even local milk! — family reunions around here are something to be seen!

Join the party! Become a Friend of the Pittsburgh Public Market to show your support for local producers. And come see us soon!

whisky cupcakes

Whiskey Meets Cupcake - Love at First Bite!

*While we use lots of wonderful alcoholic beverages in our recipes, the alcohol content is cooked out of the end products. We may joke about our boozy creations, but in fact they're safe for consumption by kids and your tipsy uncle Charlie alike!